When Is Mother’s Day Celebrated and Why?

Mother’s Day

Welcome to our Happy Mothers Day page. Our first section contains links to other pages about greeting card poets about mothers, mothers, and parenting. It includes quotes, messages and pages of greetings. Check these pages when you can, but remember that Mother’s Day sections include quotes, greetings, proverbs (from other countries), poems, and so on. Do You Know When Is Mothers Day Celebrated? Click here


Happy Mother’s Day 2019

To have a happy mother’s day is very pleasant for mothers. It’s a time of year when all mothers love hearing about their children. If you give birth to a child, you may receive cards, flowers, gifts, meals, and other expressions of Mothers day. Also, Check Happy Mothers Day Images

Always the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is the third largest American holiday. Some 85% of adults celebrate the party. When the person has had the day of recognition, it’s time to move up a gear. We have the resources to help. On this Mother’s Day, show all the moms of your life how much they appreciate what they do with unique gifts created especially for them. Whether it’s beautiful or not, you’ll find unique Mother’s Day gifts that the women of your life will love, they will not find anywhere else.

Not always in the eyes, but always from heart to heart.

For the world, you are a mother, but your family, you are the world!

Is not a woman alive who could take my mother’s place?

Maternity: The most frightening “hood” that you can cross.

Greeting cards for Mother’s Day are usually included with gifts. Use a message, a quote or a wish list here of Happy Mother’s Day 2019.

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