The Reasons To Choose Regal Assets As Your Gold IRA Custodian

Why Regal Assets Are The Best Choice



Regal AssetsPrecious metals have become the latest addition to the investment portfolios across many income divides of people today. Whether people want to preserve their hard-earned money for the mere sake of posterity or for retirement sake or even for the satisfaction of maximizing their returns in the short-term, investments in gold has stood the test of time as the most rewarding and beneficial undertaking compared to investments in assets based on currency.

For those who are new to such investments, the most daunting task is to locate the best metals company that deals in the provisions of the best products. in addition to products, such a company should be able to offer excellent guidance and exquisite customer care service which will come in handy for those who decide to explore this investment alternative.


Choose A Company With A Good Reputation

Regal Assets is one such company that has a reputation of being one of the best Gold IRA custodians that has maintained this reputation to date. With many years of experience in dealing with the precious metals, it’s in pole position to assist people trade in the precious metals. In addition its customers can open accounts and transact using the precious metals.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Regal Assets

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Regal Assets as your Gold IRA Custodian:

This company has great reviews. When you visit the customer reviews section you will find many positive reviews which means that the customers are very satisfied with the services offered. In addition it has a rating of A+ star and very good ratings from TrustLink, BCA and BBB. Additionally it has a 5 star rating at

In addition it has low IRA fees. Regal Assets charges a small fee of $250 annually. There are no other hidden charges and it’s the lowest fee in the market.

Efficiency is one of the blueprints of this company. This saves you a lot of money and time as well. The procedure is completed in a short amount of time for to your own convenience.

What’s more interesting is that all their deliveries are guaranteed for a maximum period of just seven days. In addition all the orders are fully insured so you are safeguarded against losses.

Finally you will enjoy the flexibility of being able to invest in diverse products. Although many people have a preference for coins, there are also other products that match a customer’s requirements. All these products are provided for affordable prices.