Make a Best Foot Massager

The foot massage can be either therapeutic, with the foot reflexology that gives access, energetically speaking, to all organs of the body, or a moment of relaxation with a message that can be practiced by everyone.

So let’s see how to do a foot massage.

1 Put the massé at ease

It is essential that the person you are going to massage be comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Make sure she is not cold (cover her as needed) and is comfortable.

The person will be on the back so do not hesitate to offer him a cushion to support his head and, if necessary, what to keep the knees slightly bent effortlessly (a bath towel rolled under the knees does the trick).

2 Prepare massage oil

For the recipient to fully enjoy the benefits of a foot massage and its relaxation and well-being are complete, the ideal is to use massage oil. Do not hesitate to add a drop of essential oil: On Saim deals you will find the best foot massager buying guide.

  • A blend of the following HEs: rosemary, neroli, vetiver and peppermint;
  • 10 ml of Lavender HE alone or to which 5 ml of Rosewood, Chamomile, Marjoram or Orange HE are added to help you relax.

You can also buy massage oils already containing essential oils adapted to different formulas:

  • Soothing;
  • Relaxing;
  • Harmonizing;
  • Purifying;
  • Protective (some have an action on immunity);

3 Articulate the ankle

The foot massage will begin with the left foot. Begin by approaching the foot by relaxing the ankle joint.

For that:

  • Grasp the lower part of the tibia (above the ankle) with one hand.
  • On the other hand, grab the foot.
  • While holding the leg, rotate the foot, taking it in its maximum amplitude inside, out, up and down, flexing it and taking it in extension.

4 Massage the sole of the foot

  • Back and forth on the sole of the foot from the toes to the heel, pressing lightly.
  • Hold the foot with one hand and move with the other (you can use both hands if you have a good dynamic and this is better for you).
  • Repeat these movements several times.

Note: Be careful, the soles of the feet are particularly sensitive and some people can either have pain even with gentle pressure or on the contrary experience the sensation of being tickled. You will have to adapt the pressure of your massage to the person being massaged. Sometimes you aren’t happy with the amount of pressure put on the foot during massage so for that there are many foot massagers in market in which you can set pressure and let the massagers do the job. If you are willing to buy such massagers you mustread saim deals review about foot massager which might help you to find the best one.

5 Perform toe flexion-extension

  • Still concentrating on the left foot, wrap the toes in one hand while supporting the foot of the other.
  • Gently bend your toes forward (as if to prick him) and go slowly to the fullest possible range.
  • Then take the toes back (by straightening them towards the head of the massed) and go, this time again, as far as possible.
  • For this manipulation, do not force, but still go far enough to relax the tendons of the flexor muscles and extensors of the toes.

Some people will spontaneously tend to accompany the movement or on the contrary to block their foot. In this case, do everything possible to get them to relax and stay flexible. This is sometimes difficult at first.

On the other hand, if the massages are repeated, the confidence and the relaxation will settle progressively at the same time as you will gain in dexterity!

6 Relax the toes

  • To relax the toes as much as possible and prepare for the next step, grasp the little left toe by its end and pull on it to relax it.
  • In less sensitive people, you can even shake your foot slightly by holding it by the toe.
  • Next, rotate the toe left and right to get the nail to turn to the 4th toe and out.
  • Repeat on all the toes.

Note: the joints may crack slightly; this is perfectly normal and does not pose a problem.

7 Do a specific toe massage?

Once relaxed overall, take an interest in each of the toes of your left foot.

Hold the heel in your left hand and with your right hand, start by massaging the little toe. For that :

  • Place the thumb pulp on the plantar surface of the toe and the pulp, or the second phalanx, of the index on the dorsal surface.
  • Raise your fingers from the base of the toe to the end, without omitting the area of the nail.
  • Repeat this movement several times.
  • Shift your fingers laterally so as to grasp the little toe with one finger in the area between the 4th and 5th toe and with the other outside the foot (it is also possible to grasp the toe between the index finger and the major folded).
  • Rise upwards by slightly increasing the pressure on the “tings” at the base of the nails (these are the corners of the base of the nails).
  • Repeat this movement several times.

Repeat these same manipulations on all the toes one by one ending with the big toe (hallux).

8 Do a deep massage of the sole of the foot

  • Grasp the foot with both hands (one hand inside one hand on the outside), placing the thumbs on the sole of the foot.
  • Put pressure on your thumbs from the heel to the toes, starting laterally in a fan.
  • Repeat this movement several times, seeking to relax the tissues.
  • Then, using the thumb of one hand, supporting the foot of the other, make a very strong massage from the inner part of the heel to the little toe (in shiatsu, this technique is called “the rise of the dragon “). Repeat the gesture several times.
  • Finish the massage of this area with a strong support, thumb on thumb, in the center of the foot (point 1 of the meridian of the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine). You can make very small circles on the area.

Note: for each of these massages and supports, it is necessary to adapt its pressure to the sensibility of the massed person. The last support can be painful, this is common, so we must ensure that the pressure is strong enough without causing too much suffering. Here you will find more tips.

9 Finish the left foot massage

Finish the left foot massage by gently sliding your hand towards the toes.

Then repeat all steps on the right foot.

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