International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is the day of commemorating the women’s achievements in social, political and economic sectors. Every year on this day, everyone stand up to show their support, appreciation, esteem, affection and care towards women. In this day, many social institutes arrange the celebrations to show support and give motivation. Especially some women’s comments are added to educational institutes to spread awareness. The famous leaders all around the world give their valuable speech to inspire women and increase awareness of their empowerment. Speeches are the most convenient way to express the thoughts and importance of this day for every woman. Presidents and philosophers give their valuable speech in front of the whole world remembering the remarkable contribution of girls. Every year on this Women’s day 2019, people remember and honor the power of a woman. By giving strong speeches on women empowerment, it is possible to increase the courage and inspire the inner power to grow among women. International Women’s Day Gifs 2019

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“First of all, I would like to say hello to all my mentors and colleagues. I want to thank my class teacher for giving me the chance to speak to you at this great event. I would like to talk about empowering women in India. As we met here to celebrate this moment, I chose this topic to bring up the issue of gender inequality again. Government and other private inst

itutions help women in leadership positions in the public sector. Women’s leadership in the public sector is key to the country’s growth. Representing women in the public sector is only a matter of justice, but it must put forward all the perspectives for the empowerment of women to be effective. Women and men have unique and different experiences. They are both needed to influence the decision-making process. Equalizing the rights of women and men in society improves the quality of work and, hence, the economic status of the nation.

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Empowering women is the key to increasing their participation in decision making, which is the most important key to socio-economic growth. According to research data, it has been noted that women’s empowerment is a potential that stimulates economic growth and pursues development. We should think and need to discuss how our cultural, traditional and social rules affect women’s leadership so that we can all stop it. There is social, cultural and family pressure on women that is the main problem of gender equality. Parents, society, put a lot of pressure on women and force them to be the primary caregivers and guardians of all family members. Such pressure in society and at home diminishes the career ambitions of women compared to men.

Women’s leadership is defined by the various social, cultural and political norms that must be understood and addressed. First of all, we must address all the social inequalities that hinder the advancement of women in order to change the situation of women in society and in the country. I would like to encourage my colleagues and friends here to discuss this issue in their families and communities to explore all the obstacles to the advancement of women in order to strengthen women’s leadership in all areas, such as men. Men also with women must engage in all social and cultural norms to encourage combined participation and create a fair environment at home, in the office and in the community. “

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